Inspiration: Big Freedia & Bounce

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  • Hello and Happy New Year!

    The Queen Diva of bounce music, Big Freedia

    Life has been a super fast and ambitious roller coaster ride and I’m not mad at it one bit. Lately I’ve been inspired by the queen diva of bounce music, Big Freedia. An old co-worker introduced me to the New Orleans bounce music artist a couple years ago. I had forgotten about “her” until I stumbled on her Fuse network reality tv show, Big Freedia Queen of Bounce, on Hulu and started binge watching all the seasons.

    Bounce music is indigenous to New Orleans like how Go-Go music is to Washington D.C. The music and dancing is high energy and involves lots of fast foot werk, twerking, jiggling, bending over and booty shaking! Think modern day juke joint but wilder. People come to a Big Freedia show to DANCE. No one is dressed to be sophisticated and take up space on the wall, they are dressed to sweat and twerk! You will find the ladies clad in crop tops or tanks, poom poom shorts, lots of spandex and Converse sneakers so they can shake their asses all night. Some men twerk to bounce music too but a lot of them do a lot of fast foot werk to it instead. Freedia twerks something serious at her shows! Either way bounce music makes you well, bounce, all night. Some would deem bounce as wild or raunchy but damnit, it’s fun. Dancing has always been one of my favorite ways to release energy, be present and experience freedom and bounce music is good way to loosen up some and burn some calories.

    One of my favorite Big Freedia songs in “Gin in my System”. The hook just amuses me so much, “I got that gin in my system, somebody gonna be my victim.” LOL! I am not even a gin drinker but I just love that line. Next time she is in NYC, I must experience her performance and my spandex shorts and Converse sneakers will be at the ready.


    Video Source: Youtube


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