Imaginary Chef Challenge

My Life on a Plate Cookbook by Kelis

My Life on a Plate by Kelis (affiliate link)

Happy Monday! If you live in the Northeastern region of USA, you had a cozy weekend inside your home as a blizzard carried on outside. I enjoyed all of my Saturday and the majority of my Sunday doing absolutely nothing outside of lounging around in my fluffy robe and pajamas while eating soup, drinking hot cocoa and watching movies. It was glorious. Mother Nature has her way of restoring balance and order by slowing us down if we won’t and I respect her so much for that.

Whilst lounging about all weekend, the inspired idea came to me to go on a no eating out challenge the rest of this winter with the intention to further hone my cooking artistry. I am a very good cook (I share many of my creations on my Instagram account @Creativdual under my hashtag #creatividualcooking) and I could get even better, guys. Why not be an excellent cook? Why not be a Chef Roble Ali in my own right? This winter, I am inspired to learn more about cooking techniques, foods from different cultures, spices, flavor profiles and combinations, plating, the whole shebang. I’ll be trying some cookbooks, like Kelis’ new cookbook, My Life on a Plate (affiliate link), and some others. I’ll also be using tons of resources via the internet, quite naturally. The Kitchn is one my favorite cooking websites and I look forward to discovering more.

What are you challenging yourself with creatively this winter?

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