Show & Tell :: Non-Traditional Haiku “Release” 


Fun fact about me: I used to write poetry in my childhood. I enjoyed it and as I got older, I gradually wrote less of it until I didn’t do so at all anymore. With the intention to keep honing and challenging my writing skills, I’d like to indulge in it some more again. I always thought that haikus were fun because they require sharing a message in a format of a small amount of syllables/words. The traditional syllable pattern is of 5-7-5 but I am going to do this in a way that resonates with me. 

The desire isn’t for me to be the next Nikki Giovanni or Maya Angelou. I want to indulge in writing poetry and haikus more to keep my mind in a continual state of “fresh” and outrageous imagination. 

I let the picture in this post inspire me to write this non-traditional haiku:  

Fall is approaching

In a museum of thoughts

Hold hands and jump

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