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    I wasn’t much of a movie watcher until I got Netflix. Now my movie watching is a habit. I recently watched a film called Ayanda and the Mechanic. Set in Johannesburg, South Africa, the main character, Ayanda’s, love of cars began helping her father in his auto shop since she was little. She is a wildly creative and ambitious twenty something woman and becomes inspired to make a business of pimping out old cars for resale to keep her deceased father’s auto shop and legacy alive. Along the movie, you see how sometimes we fight very hard to keep the memories of our deceased ones alive or not so alive at almost any cost, sometimes at the expense of ourselves.

    I enjoyed the film and the acting and production was very good. Though the film is in English, I still had to pay pretty close attention because the English is mixed with that I took away as bits of Xhosa language mixed into it. It’s still pretty easy to make out what is being said but I thought that might be helpful to know.

    Check it out during your next Netflix and chill day.

    Video source: Youtube

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