Rebel Music Native America

  Watched this documentary recently about the 7th generation American Indians and it was very eye opening. I know my American history and that American Indians were stripped of their land by European settlers who spread their disease and killed them and forced the rest onto reservations. That’s bad enough, seeing as how they were here first. What I wasn’t aware of was that they are still discriminated against today and that they experience many of the same injustices that my black community in America does. The documentary begins with sharing that it was prophecized that the 7th generation of American Indians would set change in motion and features artists of the 7th generation that are using their art/music as a social platform for positive change and justice for their community, for the earth and THEIR country. I was totally moved by this documentary and salute these visionaries that were featured. Their mission and intentions have my support. You can watch it on MTV’s YouTube channel 


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