I’m Learning Kinyarwanda

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Bite everyone! Last week I started to learn the lovely language native to Rwanda and Burundi called Kinyarwanda. I shared last year that I was able to trace some of my African heritage back to Rwanda-Burundi and have been learning more about the culture and history there. I plan to visit within the next couple years and it would be awesome if by then I’m able to speak conversational Kinyarwanda with people during my stay. I’m exercising all the free resources to learn and then if the time comes, I will invest in a paid resource so let’s see how far I get. I’d love to make some Rwandan and Burundians friends so I can experience the culture in more real time and practice/learn more Kinyarwanda. There’s only so much connecting you can do from books and the Internet. Still searching for a community here in NYC, I know there has to be some here, I want to make some friends with my people!

I’m also learning conversational Twi. It’s one of the languages spoken in Ghana, where my boyfriend and his family are from. One of my good friends moved back home to Ghana and when I visit her within the next year or so, I’d love to be able to say a little bit even though most Ghanaians speak English as well. I just love being able to communicate with people, you know? I always said if I had a super power, it would be the ability to understand and speak any language. Cool, right?

Are any of you learning any new languages this year? Please share.


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