We Doodle with Andrea Pippins


I hit the ground running this year already and joined Andrea Pippins’ of Fly Girl Blog  #WeDoodle challenge/project on Instagram. It started on the 3rd and each day she gives participants a new prompt/theme to doodle things surrounding it. Doodling is like meditation for me. It calms and relaxes me and helps me slip into the present state of mind. It’s absolutely healing for me and it’s free. I also deem it as a sort of release. I’m just a creative being that has to create almost 24/7 and sometimes so much of that energy is brimming inside of me that I have to release it. Doodling is a healthy way for me to let it all out.


Featured are some pictures of what I’ve doodled under some of the different themes given so far. Andrea normally shares the new prompt and her doodle surrounding it for the day in the afternoon but since I work a traditional 9-5, I normally don’t get to do mine and share until the evening when I’ve come home from work and settled in. I’m having so much fun and look forward to the new theme to doodle to each day. It’s become a decompressing, before bed activity for me that I may continue to indulge in long after the exercise has ended. There are some really awesome participants involved who’s doodles are jaw dropping. So many awesomely creative and talented people in the world, I absolutely love all of it. You can see all the participants’, including mine, daily doodles under the “wedoodle” hashtag on Instagram. Think it’s cool and have Instagram? Join in! It’s not too late plus I’m enjoying seeing others’ interpretations and creations.


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