2015: Indulge in Your Creativity


Hello! Happy new year! I’m finally ready to indulge in this blog and my creativity more. My theme for 2015 is “Indulge in your creativity”. I had an epiphany of sorts that any sort of creative expression is my passion and my purpose. It’s a part of my genetic makeup and I must revel in it, all kinds of it and act on it and share it with other people. I didn’t feel that I created much last year. Last year for me was a year of experiencing and learning. I’m going into this year super inspired, charged and ready to dig in feet first.

I made the commitment to dust off my sewing machine and start sewing again. My goal isn’t to be an awesome Austin Jay but simply to create things I’m passionate about. My sewing will only be for me. I will not be creating for others much. My first project is a skirt. I’m excited to make it and share once I’m finished.

I also made the commitment to take some dance classes here and there throughout the year. I love dancing and feel a natural high expressing myself this way. I’ve always been know to rock to a beat and a few years ago took all kinds of ballroom dances at a dance studio. The very end of last month I took a traditional & contemporary Congolese dance class at CUMBE and loved it. Reminded me how much I love and enjoy dancing.


This picture is a doodle prompt I had from the #wedoodle project led by Andrea Pippins. It started on the 3rd and each day she shares a new prompt for the participants to doodle on. It’s been so much fun and I adore Andrea. It’s on my bucket list for sure to meet her one day! Maybe even collaborate on something together or become friends. But I digress, this project has been a great way to usher in the new year indulging in my creativity.

I’m excited to create so much magic and goodness this year. It’s gonna be so much fun and truly amazing. And I will be posting actively, even if it has to come from my phone like I’m doing right now! Let’s do this!!

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