Inspiration: Julia Graf’s Draw My Life Video

Julia Graf is one of my favorite makeup artists on Youtube. She’s insanely creative and skilled, I love her style of doing makeup and I learn so much from her videos. Last weekend I watched her Draw My Life video she recorded a while ago and became so inspired to worry less and live more. It really inspired me to worry about money less, think in abundance and travel more. She spent most, if not all, of her entire savings twice in her young adult years traveling and seeing the world. Most financial analysts and planners would cringe at this but what I’m learning so much lately is “don’t wait” to start living, traveling, etc. Pony up some cash and go. It’s not to say be financially irresponsible but sometimes, you’ve gotta take chances and get out there or you’ll never do the things that you want and even dream about doing. I’ve also learned if things are falling in accordance with your destiny and positive evolution, any money you “blew” will always come back to you in bigger amounts than what you gave out. Worry less, just work and live more. There’s a beautiful life to be had, live yours!


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