Creatividual Bites: India Place


I absolutely adore cooking, trying new dishes and recipes and enjoying dishes at great restaurants here in NYC. Food nourishes the body and the creative mind. Also, preparing sumptuous foods and flavors and textures is a beautiful art form and craft.

Last weekend after foolishly trying to run at the height of the heat last Saturday with my workout buddy (we were only able to run for 2 miles and had to walk the last mile to prevent any over heating that may have ensued.), we stopped by India Place for “linner” (definition: late lunch, early dinner) and conversation. I’ve always enjoyed Indian food and how they contain an awesome blend of wonderful spices and flavors for their dishes; you can taste the “soul” in them. This was my first time visiting this restaurant and I’d definitely go back.


It was a hot, late Satueday afternoon with a slight breeze. Like most restaurants throughout NY in the warm months they opened up the front windows to expose it to the outside air and breeze. It wasn’t busy at that time so the energy was very peaceful and chill. They had a lunch special going on where you get an appetizer and entree for around $14 so we obliged. The entrees came with naan and jasmine rice and the food and service was fabulous. For my appetizer, I ordered the [potato] samosas (pictured at the very top) and they came with three dipping sauces that I don’t know the names of, I just know they were good. My entree was one I had never ordered from an Indian restaurant before, the Malai Kofta (pictured just above). They were these fried vegetable balls with veggies like potato and broccoli in them and then they bathed it in this awesome, creamy orange sauce. They were nothing short of amazing. We were also given rice pudding as dessert which I gobbled up before noticing I didn’t take a picture.



If you’re in the Prospect Park area of Brooklyn, and enjoy Indian food, check this place out.

India Place
655 Vanderbilt Ave
Brooklyn, NY

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