Inspiration: Museum Mile Festival


Drive By posts are posts I do on the fly from my phone; all typing and photos captured come from my phone. Today’s first drive by is the Museum Mile Festival that happened this past Tuesday in Manhattan on Museum Mile St on the upper east side. Visiting museums is a favorite past time of mine, but I has never heard of this festival so when I was invited by some friends to come along, I quickly obliged.

We spent most of our time at the MET (Metropolitan Museum of Art), which in my all 8 years of living in NYC, I had never been to. Everything was curated beautifully and I loved how great the lighting was. Most museums, the lighting is low in order to preserve the artifacts but in the MET the lighting was awesome, you could see all the details easily. We explored the ancient Egypt portion and were amazed at all the wonderful creations that the Egyptians fashioned. I just kept saying to myself how remarkable it was that they made all these marvelous sculptures, tools, tombs with elaborate details and jewelry with no electricity or modern tools that we are armed with today. It was truly awe inspiring.

I love accessories so of course I ooo’d and aahh’d over the fine craftsmanship and immense attention to details in their jewelry. I totally adored the teal/turquoise color, beaded bib necklace pictured at the beginning of this post. The ancient Egyptians KNEW how to adorn the human body! I shared this pic on Instagram and said I could strut around with nothing else on but this.




Outside of the museum, we found some chalk and joined other grown people drawing on the blocked off street. I drew what I knew best, love. Not the most creative design I ever came up with but the mere act of writing on the street with colorful chalk took me back to a favorite, summer childhood past time of mine. I was totally in the present, I love when that happens.


I wish I would have gotten to the festival earlier to see some of the other museums, especially the Guggenheim but I can always go another time. Were any of you at the festival? What museums do you enjoy visiting in NY or your hometown? What museums are on your list to check out this summer or year?


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