Projects in Progress // Graphic Sweatshirt


So I am totally in love with the QuellyRue Designs Afro Woman sweatshirt (pictured above). Because everyone is on how fly they are and they are hand crafted by Raquel herself, only a limited number go up and when they do, I’m never fast enough to buy one before they are sold out again. I work and don’t live by the computer so I decided to make my own sweatshirt inspired by this Quelly Rue one. Step One: purchase a sweatshirt. I’ve purchased a sweatshirt. For step two, I have chosen to base my graphic off one I created for my natural hair blog, AGrlCanMac, pictured below.  Step three, I will determine what types of media I want to use to create it:  fabric, fabric paint a design on, or felt.

Mixtress Chronicles Clip Art 6-23-10

Because I’m working on a million projects at once (I really need to get with doing one project at a time), I will provide updates as I make progress with this. What projects are you working on?


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