Creatividual Cooking // Lodge Cast Iron Skillet

201316 Lodge Cast Iron Skillet

One of the cool gifts that I received for Christmas was a cast iron skillet. It had been on my list for a while to get one but I never got around to it so I was pleasantly surprised when I was gifted one. I have the 10 1/4 inch size model by Lodge and it came pre-seasoned so all I had to do before using it was wash it in hot, soapy water; dry it and rub with some cooking oil. I didn’t have any cooking oil or Crisco on hand so I just used extra virgin olive oil and that worked out just fine.

201316 Sauteed Kale First Cast Iron Skillet Dish

If you bought a new cast iron skillet and it was not pre-seasoned, Martha Stewart has a super easy video showing how to season a brand new one. The first thing I cooked in my skillet was sauteed kale with garlic (pictured above), yummy! I can’t wait to make some catfish in it soon, there’s nothing like catfish fried up in a skillet.

Since my skillet was gifted, I don’t know where it was purchased but you can find it HERE on Amazon.

201316 Dinner Shot


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