Brooklyn Bites // Pies-n-Thighs


Yes honey, that’s the name of one of my new favorite restaurants. Located in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, some girlfriends and I ventured here for brunch last Sunday. When I tell you the food is so good that it should be illegal, I mean it! This is the place to indulge in your cheat meal. I ordered the chicken biscuit and a side of cheese grits. That chicken biscuit… I need a moment of silence for how good it was……. This fried chicken cutlet was served with hot sauce and honey butter slathered on the insides of the biscuit. The cheese grits were served with a little salsa on top. I never thought to eat my cheese grits with a little salsa but it was working and I inhaled those grits. I inhaled that chicken biscuit too!


My girlfriends ordered the chicken and waffles with sides of cheese grits and breakfast potatoes.The waffles were garnished with a little raspberry jam and cinnamon butter and the breakfast potatoes were delish.


Everything was delish, fresh and tasted like your granny from down south was burnin in the kitchen. I must go back!


166 S.4th St (at Driggs)

Brooklyn, NY 11211

Twitter: @piesnthighs

I’ll be back to regularly scheduled posting soon. Been so busy but I’m challenging myself to start blogging from the phone more when I’m not home to write. Thank you for reading my blog. 😀


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