Creatividual Cool Links


This DIY Gladiator Sandals tutorial I saw recently is ingenious. Why didn’t I see this tutorial earlier?! It is super easy and is making me want to dig out my sandals (we do have an Indian summer goin here in the big apple- was 70 something degrees today!) and do this and wear them out somewhere. For those in climates where it will still be warm for a few more months, you definitely can do this now. I must remember this for next summer.

This tutorial above was guest featured by GlitterNGlue. I checked out her site and love it, I followed instantly (she’s a fellow “WordPresser”). She has so many cool crafts to do and I love that so many of them involve accessories.

I love Erin Bailey of Scandalous Beauty. I fell in love with her beauty channel on Youtube years ago, she doesn’t really update it now but she still has her site and is still a huge beauty enthusiast. I follow her on Instagram and just found out that she has a food Instagram account AND a food blog. As lover of cooking and an emerging foodie, I am loving her food blog, Bread Butter Wine. It has totally been added to my Reader on here.

So those are my link picks. What links are you all diggin?


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