DJ Creatividual // My Music Picks

Hellooo there. I have been on the go, grind, man-EVERYTHING. I may have to start doing quickie posts from my phone because I’m barely home and by a computer these days. I’ve been involved in some really amazing projects, mostly concerning makeup, and I’m thankful to be kept productive in positive things so let that mutha burn.

I love music, listening to music, dancing to music, sharing music and learning about new and other artists that weren’t on my radar previously. How I found this first artist I’m about to share, it started out like this: I was searching for a video on Youtube that Jerreau, a member of one of my favorite hip-hop groups named Fly Union, was in with an artist named Lolah Brown called Maybe. I’m still on the fence rather I like her music or not but I guess I’d have to listen to more of her stuff to reach a final verdict. Anyway, from her video one of the videos linked to it was the one shown above, Light Up the World, by Yasmin. What drew me to click on it was that I saw Ms. Dynamite was one of the features. I love Ms. Dynamite from way back so I checked it out. I like the song and Ms. Dynamite’s part. The video is super colorful and vibrant and I loved all the colorful scarf wraps Yasmin was wearing with her top knots. Think I will wear my hair as such on Saturday for my makeup job first thing in the morning.

I’m also loving Solange’s new video for her new song, Losing You. I love the cinematography style used, the clothing worn and of course the big and wild hair she’s rockin. The music, to me, is reminiscent of Janet Jackson’s When I Think of You. I heard mixed reviews about this song. I think some fans wanted to keep Solange in the Hadley Street Dreams sound box but because it reminds me the Control (album) days of Janet Jackson, I love it. This vid makes me want to rock my big, wild n curly wig.

Lastly, I love, love, LOVE Miguel’s new song, Adorn. His voice is so beautiful and the music is great. I don’t care for the video but again, the song is where it’s at.

What songs are you diggin these days. I’ll be at it again this weekend, out and about. I’ll do some phone posts. Until next time, stay creative.

Oh yea, I have a recent craft of mine to share. If you follow me on Instagram, then you saw it already. If you aren’t following me on there, then it will be new to you. 😀 Toodles.


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