Make “The Couple” a Movie

Recently, I shared with you some of my favorite Youtube web series that I’m diggin. The Couple web series is going to be on the silver screen and they are asking for donations to help raise $25,000 to make it. I am going to donate something because I love the show and would love to see what “Chick & Dude” would be up to in a movie. If you like the show, please donate on their Kickstarter page HERE. Every little bit helps, even if you can only give $10. If a mere 2,000 people gave just $15 each, they’d have $30,000. Support positive things that you like, you have the power to see what you want in entertainment. 😀


One thought on “Make “The Couple” a Movie

  1. Anything has to be better than the dreaded reality shows. Depicted Blacks as ____, I’ll let you fill in the blank. I have to make a point to check out these youtube sitcom, definitely feeling the inspiration and positivity put forth.

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