TV & Film // Web Series Love

With cable television being invaded by one reality show after another, I am loving the influx of fictional web series on Youtube. Some of them are really entertaining, more interesting than regular tv. Here are some of my new favorites:

Milk + Honey on Brown Paper Dolls [Youtube channel]: Discovered this series through Pinterest. There was only two episodes put up on Youtube but I still wanted to mention it in case they add any other episodes; it was good and I wanted to know what was going to happen next.

The Couple on Black & Sexy TV [Youtube channel]: OMG, this one is hilarious. It makes fun of different dynamics of being a couple. One of my favorites is the one I’ve shared below. I love how the girlfriend was talking about her hair. Shoutout to my natural hair ladies. 😀 “I am in the front seat, boo” LOL. My other favorite one is Episode 6: Laid Up. It’s hilarious- go watch it. The end had me rollin.

RoomieLoverFriends is show collaboration with Issa Rae (one of the writers behind Awkward Black Girl) and Black & Sexy TV: This one just started and I’m already into it. I can’t get enough of the opening song and have been singing it 24/7. Only two episodes are up and the next one will be up on October 11th.


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