My Life for the Past Two Weeks


Hey guys. How have you been? I’ve been at it again, out living life to the absolute fullest with a barely a moment to finish composing any posts. Even now I’m squeezing a post in because I really should be cleaning (and out grocery shopping), I have guests coming over later. My 9-5 work and my independent work has been extra busy lately so I’ve been holding down that fort all while giving thanks for so many positive things to be involved in and being able to keep roof over my head, food in my stomach and yadda yadda.

Last Friday I went to art and subculture magazine, Hycide Magazine’s, one year anniversary party at MOCADA Museum for a bit and then had some AMAZING paella with one of my good friends at [The Brooklyn] Cornerstone restaurant. That paella, now that was LIVING; it was so flavorful and delicious. That Saturday I helped one of my favorite cousins with her birthday party AND did her hair and makeup. #werk #creativebeast Last Saturday was so hectic so I didn’ get any good pics of her face but I beat that face so pretty, I was very happy with my work. Which, crazily, is a rarity for me because I can be really hard on myself and my skills most of the time. I’m getting better at not being too hard on myself. I just love doing makeup and want to be freakishly good at it. But anyway….

This weekend I went to Cornerstone on Friday night and last night. Lol. Can’t get enough of the place; I just love the food (everything tastes so fresh), service and ambiance, it’s dope there. if you live in NYC or Brooklyn/Queens area, check them out. Yesterday I also did makeup for the wonderfully talented designer, Selly-Rabi Kane’s, SP’13 Lookbook. After the shoot wrapped, I jetted home to change so I could attend Oyato‘s SP’13 Collection Showcase (my magazine, EXUDE magazine was one of the sponsors). The showcase was beautiful. Her pieces have amazing detail and sophistication and the models were stunning.

I made a pair of earrings recently, hadn’t made any pair in months. I used paper beads and fabric to create them. If you follow me on Instagram then you saw them already. A picture of them is in the gallery above. I like how they turned out.

So I’ve been doing all that and of course grabbing inspiration from everywhere. I just recently started getting into music artist, Azealia Banks‘s, sound. She raps and sings and I like her style and creativity. She’s quirky and not everyone will like her sound/style but I love all kinds of art, including the sometimes weird and quirky so I dig it. Her music production likens electro beat, dance, 1990’s house music. You all don’t even know, I loooove house music (soulful house, deep house- I love it all) and listening to her stuff is giving me hella ideas. I am loving 1991 off of her latest EP, 1991. So takes me back to the days of Zhane, Cece Peniston and Montell Jordan.


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