Summer Adventures // Natural Resources Salon Natural Hair Bootcamp

Adventures find me. I absolutely love it. Friday, August 24th, I was invited to attend the Natural Hair Bootcamp by, Houston; TX based, Natural Resources Salon in Manhattan the next day. NRS owners, Tamika and Monique, been traveling the country with this workshop sharing a wealth of information and techniques for understanding, managing and styling afro texture hair. As a natural that’s not a rookie anymore (I’ll be 4 years natural in December), I wasn’t sure what new things I could learn from it but I learned a ton. The workshop is great for newbies and veterans alike because if you are like me, you learned everything you know from non tangible resources like Youtube, blogs and hair forums. Unlike Youtube and any other internet medias, you could get your questions answered immediately and there was no room to misinterpret techniques and such because someone could show you and talk to you right away. Each participant had an afro texture hair mannequin head to work on with sample products from the salon’s inhouse brand, Earth’s Nectar, to use on their hair. It was like we were in cosmetology school (that only focused on afro texture hair) for a day. I loved it.

In the beginning of the workshop, the science of hair was discussed as well as the properties of afro texured and curly hair and anything else to know about hair. The knowledge shared was a lot of things I already knew but it was still a great reminder for me and if you didn’t know these facts, you and your hair would benefit greatly from them.

On the mannequins we learned how to properly moisturize, comb and detangle afro texture hair and create hairstyles like coils (I sucked at), comb coils (which I REALLY sucked at. Lol.), two strand twists, two strand flat twists and bantu knots on the mannequin heads. I was excited to learn how to do bantu knots because I’ve seen so many naturals on Youtube struggle with getting them right. This is a time that it was great to have someone right there to show you what you were doing wrong so you could get it right. Once the weather and humidity calms down, I can’t wait to try them out. I also learned a technique how to two strand twist hair to make it look like a twist out and an even better technique for twisting to get my two strand twist outs even more defined and smoother. Score!

I don’t want to give the whole workshop away, there were other things we learned but if you want to know, you’ll just have to attend. 😀 Can I also say that the goodie bags were fab?! First off our bag was a nice, cotton Natural Resources Salon tote bag. That’s already swag. Conair and Hype Hair were sponsors so included in the bags were lots of great stuff like Hype Hair satin foam rollers (a full set), a Hype Hair wide tooth comb (I love it so much, I’ll be going to the store soon to buy some more for myself, gifts for my curlfriends, and maybe even a giveaway), Hype Hair hair band and more. There also was a travel size sample of the Earth’s Nectar Minoi Hair Milk. We used their products on the mannequins when learning different styling techniques and I fell in love with their Conditioning Cream (which I bought the full size of recently. Can’t wait for it to deliver!). That cream instantly softened the hair without making it greasy and made detangling a breeze. I love that it smells like Elasta QP Mango Butter, a favorite of mine that I gave up years ago because it didn’t have the healthiest of ingredients.

That rattail comb and afro pik were included in the goodie bag too.

I had a wonderful time and learned so much. It was a laid back, fun, highly interactive and very educational experience. I really liked that we had mannequins to practice on as opposed to everything being demos and us being lectured the whole time. I’m a hands on learner so I love interactive environments where I can apply things right away.

Thank you Natural Resources Salon for this beautiful workshop, it was nothing short of amazing. You’ve got me wanting to come to Houston so I can get my “hurr did” by you all! Please support this workshop by attending when they’re in your city and if you live in the Houston, TX area go and check them out. Visit to learn more about them and for updates on when their bootcamp is coming to a city near you. Also check out their Youtube channel, NaturalResourcesTV, for hair tutorials.

Also a big thanks to Ashley of Medley, Inc for inviting me to attend.


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