DIY Links of the Week

I’m diggin the DIY Macbook case tutorial that AnneOrShine shared on her Youtube channel recently. So cute and they look fun to make. I should make one to further claim that I will soon be a proud owner of a Macbook (Pro). šŸ˜€ They also make great clutches or stylish holders for your things if you don’t have a slim laptop computer.

Pillows a-la-Mode recently shared some fly Scrabble letter pillows she made for her home decor and instructions on how to make your own. When I am home longer than a few scant hours, I will settle down and make some for my new couch.

I can’t wear aerosol perfumes and colognes anymore so a few years ago, I took a liking to perfume oils. I think it’d be fun to play around with creating my own scents so I found a video on eHow on how to make your own perfume oil. It’s not an instant gratification type of project but still one that I want to try none the less.

Until next week!


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