Fall 2012 Adventure List

Summer is leaving us and I’m proud to say that I had an absolute blast this summer and did close to everything on my Summer 2012 Adventure List. I have a few things left on there that I still have time to accomplish before the summer is officially over. I also did so many other cool things that weren’t on my list. Now it’s time to focus on my fall adventures. When you read the list, you’ll notice it’s not as much as the summer. Summer is usually my longest list of things to do because it’s warm out, the days are longer and I’m more drawn to being outside and social. My fall adventures focus more on things done indoors, crafting and cooking more.

My Fall 2012 Adventure List

  1. Apple Picking upstate- used to do this in the fall with my family when I was young. We always had a blast and back then you were allowed to climb the trees!
  2. Make cinnamon spice, apple cider with the apples picked and also make another cider that’s “spiked”
  3. Pumpkin patch for a few pumkins: make jack-o-lanterns and bake the seeds- yummy!
  4. Make a pumpkin cheesecake
  5. Make vegan candles for my place (and as gifts too maybe)
  6. National History Museum
  7. American Indian Museum (again Haven’t been in a few years)
  8. Become a member of MOCADA
  9. Make my own beer at the Brooklyn Brewery
  10. Make my own wine at a winery
  11. Knit a neck cowl from the Cowl Girls: The Neck’s Big Thing to Knit book
  12. Horse carriage ride around the City
  13. Get my hair straightened- Haven’t seen my hair straight since I went natural back in 2008

What’s on your fall adventure list?


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