The Sound of Music // A$AP Rocky & Lana del Rey

I was less than a foot away from this dude at Ella Lounge (was there to see Fly Union. They rocked the house.) last Monday night and had no idea who he was. I saw him in a fashion spread in the September issue of Vogue that I was reading recently and got curious so I researched him. He’s a Harlem bred rap artist  that’s a member of the A$AP Mob and he also directs music videos. His music is not really my speed but I like this song, Ridin, he did with Lana Del Ray. I like Lana and the beat/old school music is tight. It has profanity so if you only like PG music, you won’t appreciate this song. Haha.

PS: Who’s going to the Afro Punk Festival this weekend? I was all geeked to go last year and it was cancelled due to the hurricane. It will be at  Barry Commodore Park in Brooklyn and there are tons of great performances lined up including Janelle Monae, who I’m excited to see perform live, and Erykah Badu just to name a scant few. Visit for more details.


One thought on “The Sound of Music // A$AP Rocky & Lana del Rey

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