The Sound of Music // Owl City x Rochelle Jordan x Nas

I’ve been saying in a lot of my recent posts how much fun I’ve been having all summer. Man, I’m sad to see it slipping away but seasons must change and the party won’t stop (it’ll just be a little colder. Lol). Good Time (Feat. Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen) pretty much sums up how my whole summer has been going. It’s gotten to the point where I don’t even have to look that hard for good times, because they’re chasing ME down. Growing up in my household, fun was a requirement and a regular occurrence. My family loves to have a good time and I will definitely make that a normality in my future family’s life. Fun is not  a result of an event or thing, it’s a choice and state of being. Everything and everyday is an opportunity to have more of it.

I have talked about Rochelle Jordan on here before. She is fast becoming a favorite of mine. She is amazingly talented, her hair rocks and her music reminds me of Kelis from the Kaleidoscope days and Aaliyah. Download her latest EP, P R E S S U R E, at for free. It’s on heavy rotation on my iPod right now.

Lastly, Nas’ latest release, Life Is Goodis GOOD. It’s amazing work and takes me back to the days of good hip hop; hip hop that made you dance, told stories and was fun. He has songs that talk about his daughter growing up, the days of hip hop fun in the 80’s and 90’s, his breakup with ex-wife; Kelis, summertime materialistic stuff, finding a woman who’s the right fit for him and more. I enjoy reading and poetry, so I’m always most drawn to hip hop that talks about a range of things and tells a story. One of my favs is his song Cherry Wine with the late, Amy Winehouse.


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