Show & Tell // Fabric Covered Binders


Jazz up your plain binders by covering them with fabric for functional use or to incorporate into your home decor and add penash to your bookshelves and/or coffee tables. I saw this tutorial from The Uncluttered Lifestyle pinned on Pinterest and gave it a try. They were super easy to make. I used some vibrant Ankara (African wax print) fabric for mine and am already plotting fabrics to use to make some more.

This is also a great Back-to-School project to have fun, customized binders for kids’ subjects/classes. Wish I would have thought of this in my grade school years, I would have done this to all of mine!


  • Fabric of choice- I like cotton fabrics for this kind of craft
  • Scissors
  • Spray glue
  • Binder
  • Ribbon (optional)

That’s it. It’s so simple and easy and the customization possibilities are endless. Please check out the tutorial over at The Uncluttered Lifestyle and start making some of your own.

Stay creative.


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