DIY Links of the Week

I wanted to share some cool DIY projects that I come across and think you may enjoy too.

All summer I’ve been rockin maxi skirts and dresses so I’m loving the DIY’s I’ve come across. Many of them are super easy to do. Tglashen has a great Youtube channel filled with easy clothing tutorials. I really like her “5 min” maxi skirt tutorialthis is a great project for newbie sewers. Veteran sewers will like the ease and almost instant gratification of her projects.

Remember the Isabella necklace by Noquvy that I’ve been lusting after? Well, Shirley of Meek-n-Mild has a tutorial up to make a straight knot necklace that reminds me of the Isabella.

Speaking of necklaces, I am loving the fall trend of collar necklaces and it’s on my list of fall accessories to make. I saw a great tutorial on AlisonIsCrafty‘s YouTube channel on how to make a cute Peter Pan, studded collar [necklace].

Lastly for this week, I stumbled on a site called Apartment Therapy from Pinterest. This site is chock full of inspiration, tips and tutorials for you to add style and character to your apartment. I just moved to a new place back in March and am still getting things better organized and decorating. I’m obsessed with this site at the moment.

Hope you will try some of them out for yourself.

Stay creative.


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