Film // Sparkle

Hi guys! How have you all been? Life has been a whirlwind for me lately but I’m here. I’ve got lots of updates and am backed up on posts like crazy. I will get back to it soon enough. Hope everyone’s weekends are going well. I had a busy week and was so looking forward to this weekend to just relax and catch up on rest.

A friend and I saw Sparkle its opening night last night. I loved the original version and with a cast of greats for the remake like the late Whitney Houston, Derek Luke, Carmen Ejogo and fairly new to the acting scene, Jordin Sparks, I had to go see it. I really liked it and will definitely purchase it when it comes out. I loved the wardrobe, hair and makeup (of the 1960’s and ’70s) and the music. Some songs were new and many were from the original movie. I think Carmen Ejogo is fast becoming a favorite actress of mine; she knows how to play a bad girl and played Sister to a T.

Please go out and support this movie, it was well put together; the music is great and Whitney and Jordin’s voices are beautiful. Jordin’s voice has matured so much since her Idol days. So much talent! And you already know Whitney’s voice is Whitney’s. No one will ever sing like that. Sparkle is playing in theaters now, go check it out.


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