What’s on my Mind

Hey guys. What’s going on? Hope you all had great weekends. I had an amazing one all to myself. Today I share a couple of my random thoughts and inspirations as of late. I usually make a collage of the pictures but I didn’t feel like it this time. :p

So…. I’m heavily considering dyeing the front part of my hair purple! OR tinting all of my hair purple. (Picture above is from Coloured Beautiful) Purple is my favorite color and Shana of Jem and the Holograms, my 70’s babies and early 80’s (1983 and earlier) babies remember, rocked a purple fro. She was my favorite character so it was meant to be that eventually, I’d get the urge to play in color and that it would be my favorite color. I just want something different, ya know? I’m an artist, after all, that’s what we do. We play in color, hair, styles, rearranging furniture in our homes etc. We live a life of constant experimentation. I’ve never colored my hair so this would definitely be a new frontier for me but I’m open to it. I don’t know one thing about coloring hair, so I would more than likely go to a licensed stylist to get it done. I’m getting more excited about it as I keep writing.


Next up, I have Rick RossGod Forgives, I Don’t album on constant replay right now. I’m a cultured, artsy gal that enjoys gallery hopping, museums, jazz, R&B, world music, etc but sometimes you just need some ratchet, get you crunk before you go out to the club music. Gotta round out my diverse tastes, ya know. I love me some Rick Ross; he’s gritty and explicit but I just love him. My favorite song on the album is Presidential. It’s only fitting I would like that song because it was produced by Pharell Williams and I pretty much love everything he or The Neptunes (comprised of himself and Chad Hugo), put out.

I know we’ve still got some life left in the summer but I’m already thinking about Fall and developing my Fall 2012 Adventure List, listing what things I want for my Fall/Winter wardrobe and what crafts to do for the fall and the Holiday season (it’s crazy that it will be here before we know it). As pictured, I so want a pair of nice quality thigh high boots in my life this fall.

So that’s the randomness going on with me. What’s going on with you all?

Hope you all had great weekends and wishing you all a great week ahead.


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