I Don’t Want to Be a Fancy Schamancy Photographer

I’ll leave that to the pros.

I had an epiphany recently that while I enjoy photography, taking pictures that are interesting and tell stories and capturing moments, it is not a passion of mine; I’m not interested in being a pro. I just want to learn cool techniques and tips and take interesting pictures that are fun, tell stories and capture moments. I used to think I needed a dslr camera but I just don’t. And because I don’t necessarily have a passion for photography, why invest over $700 in a dslr?  So now I’m amending my camera search and have just decided to upgrade from my current bridge camera to a better one. I like bridge cameras because while they are not dslr’s, you have a lot more options and manual control than your usual point-and-shoot camera and they take very nice photos. I like that I can throw it in my bag and don’t have to lug around 5 million different lenses and switch them for different effects and looks all the time. I’m #teambridgecameras

As creative people/artists, it’s so easy for us to get sucked up in multiple creative outlets and pour tons of money into all of them. I’m learning to prioritize my passions vs interests because not everything I’m interested in is a passion. So there is no need to spend gobs of money on things that are low on my passion priority list. Also by doing this, I have more money to invest in the things, I REALLY enjoy. I’d rather spend over $700 on fabric that I can create tons of different things than on a camera that I will use but not like I should and that I would ultimately resent having to lug around (and its expensive lenses). Fabric and other medias are more of a priority for me.

It’s about balance, knowing yourself and knowing that we just don’t need to have every creative tool, gadget, etc. Buyers’ remorse is real and is many times preventable if we just really sit down and ask ourselves if we need it or really have to have it. More often than not, it was our imagination that added the sparkle and shine to our creations than the tools we used.


Stay creative.


4 thoughts on “I Don’t Want to Be a Fancy Schamancy Photographer

  1. for a long time i’ve feened for a new upgraded camera BUT i’ve come to the conclusion that i’m happy and satisfied with the camera i have {kodak} and my HTC EVO Phone camera–I’m not going to spend money on something i may lose interest in–so what i have right now puts me in the safe zone—but whatever you decide to do, i’m going to support you and enjoy the benefits of you showing us great photos—-remain blessed my Sistah!!

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  3. Last year, I went a head and purchased a DSLR. Yeah, I went for the glory…lol. When you really want something, you MUST go for it, girl! 😉

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