Fitness Friday // 5 Minute Morning Routine

This is a creative lifestyle blog and I feel like we can be our most creative if we are in our best health. So on Friday’s (going forward), I’ll be sharing tips, recipes and things I’m learning, trying or do myself to keep active, fit and healthy.

I’m not a hard core fitness maniac but I do love the way I feel when I’m eating less processed foods, eat fresh produce, exercise at least 3 days out of the week and partake in activities I enjoy like dancing, going for long walks or bicycling around the park (next month I’m getting a cruiser bike! Sooo excited).

Today I’m sharing with you a quick morning routine I learned from Pinterest that I started this morning. I used to stretch and do a workout routine every morning and I just stopped one day. So this is me getting back to it. I love my body and that for the most part, it’s naturally on the lean muscular side. After hitting 27,  mother nature gave me some extra curves that I’m not complaining about; I want my stomach just a tad flatter. I think by adding this morning routine, I will have it at the flatness I desire. If you’re following me on Pinterest, then you’ll notice I have a board just for fitness. I’m excited to build it with cool and inspirational things.

About this routine: This routine kicked my butt for 5 minutes! It was awesome and I’m excited to see results after a couple weeks. This routine is also great for traveling because it doesn’t require you to pack any equipment.  I will discuss each exercise

50 Jumping Jacks: I haven’t done these since grade school! Forgot how good of a workout they are. If jumping jacks are too much impact for you, you can substitute it for something else like Jacks (learn how HERE). Make sure to breathe and not hold your breath!

5 Pushups: You want to exhale when you go down and inhale on the way up. Always make sure you are breathing and not holding your breath. If you can’t do regular pushups, do the beginner ones (learn how HERE) until you build up the strength to do the regular ones. Pushups are the most basic way to get your arms nice and toned. They aren’t always fun but (I’m still trying to find a way to meditate through them and) I love the results!

20 Crunches: You want to exhale when you come up for the crunch and inhale when you are coming back down to the floor. Always make sure you are breathing and not holding your breath.

20 Mountain Climbers: These definitely get the heart pumping. Make sure to breathe and not hold your breath! Don’t know how to do a mountain climber? Learn how HERE

30 Second Plank: It was a long 30 seconds! But I’m sure the more I do this, the easier it will get. This is awesome for core strength and getting the tummy tight, ladies. If you find you can’t hold it for all the whole 30 seconds, take a rest and come down. Then get back into the pose and get through the remaining seconds. You can also build yourself up to the 30 seconds. Try 15 seconds the first week and then try for 30 the next week. Don’t know what a plank pose is? Learn how HERE. As with the mountain climbers, make sure you are breathing, even if it’s fast, and not holding your breath! You must breathe. 🙂

Recommendation: I’d do some light stretching before or after this workout. Stretching is real and makes a great difference in your performance and how you feel post (any) workout.

Don’t be surprised if this takes you more than 5 minutes to complete, starting out. It will vary depending on your initial fitness level but eventually, you should be able to get it down to 5 (-10) minutes. Also, MAKE SURE YOU ARE BREATHING through each exercise. If you find yourself holding your breath, stop and breathe for a few seconds and then continue on. Breathing is important when you are exercising.

Disclosure: If you have bad knees, I wouldn’t recommend this routine for you. If you have any doubts or questions about this routine or any exercise you want to try, ALWAYS consult with your primary care physician FIRST. If you have health concerns or conditions, definitely speak with your primary care physician FIRST. This is a rigorous five minutes. We don’t die or get sick to be healthy, we LIVE to be healthy. 😀 (Don’t worry, I will share other low impact exercise routines and stretches that anyone can benefit from)


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