Creatividual Reading // The Artist’s Way

Hey, I’ve bustling around and then I’ve been sick the better part of the week and am feeling a lot better now, so let’s get back to creating and posting! I have so many posts to finish and get up here like my recap of the free Amel Larrieux concert for starters and my favorites of the month to name a few. I hope you all are having a great weekend so far. I’ll be back soon!

The book pictured above is a book my mother, a fellow artist, told me about The Artist’s Way when we were talking last night. She started reading it recently, after artist friends in her circle recommended her reading it. It’s filled with different tips and exercises to help artists break through those oh so common blockages and loss of inspiration we experience from time to time. Occasional blocks can be a part of the creative life so exercises that can help get the juices flowing again are important. While I have been brimming with inspiration and creativity lately, I still want to check out the book and share my opinions on it.

If you’re not in the lab creating, go out and enjoy the day! Have a great weekend and stay creative.


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