See & Create // Isabella Necklace

This handcrafted Isabella necklace from Etsy shop, Noquvy, is everything beautiful! I first learned of this necklace recently perusing a style blog, Addicted 2 Etsy, that I was new to. I want it so bad. Until I finish zeroing the last of my credit card debt (home free by September!), I cannot justify handing over $102 for it just yet. So until I can buy the real thing, I want to make my own version of it to tide me over until that glorious day.

The rope part, I’m going to try my hand at braiding either friendship bracelet kind of thread, fabric or braid bulky yarn. The other part, I’m going to try my hand at wrapping thread or fabric around thick shoe laces to achieve a bulky chord.

How would you try to recreate this? If you’re not crafty like that, and have the money to invest in this awesome craftsmanship, you can always just buy the necklace and support the artist. I plan to buy a piece when I have more accessories, “play play” money at my disposal. 🙂


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