Summer Adventures // Teedra Moses at Slate


Teedra, hands down, is one of my top favorite vocalists and musical artists. I’m a huge appreciator of her work. Her voice is beautiful and I love the songs she writes. She was in NYC this past Tuesday night at Slate NYC for an appearance and short performance before heading off to New Orleans for the Essence Music Festival. It’s always good to see Teedra. She has a warm spirit and loves interacting with the crowd and people that appreciate her music. When my friend and I went up to her to say hi and take a picture, she greeted us both with a warm hug and thanked us for coming out. I love her humility. If you are are at or went to the festival and saw her, you were in for a treat. She told us New Yorkers at Slate that she was going to tear that mutha down! I wish I could have been there in the crowd singing along to all her songs with her. I already know she put on a good show down there.

And if you are new to Teedra, you can learn more about her on her website,


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