The Sound of Music // Fly Union

If you’ve been following me and my The Sound of Music posts, then you see that I appreciate all different styles and kinds of music. Variety is bliss. I wouldn’t say I’m a ride or die, hip-hop head but there are some hip-hop artists that I really enjoy the music they create and Fly Union is one of them. I also love that they are from Columbus, OH because I lived there for four years when I attended The Ohio State University (GO BUCKS!). Their style and music makes me think of sound created if A Tribe Called Quest, Pharell Williams and The Neptunes were to have a love child. Lol. That statement may sound disturbing, but when you check out their music, I think you’ll understand why I said that. Some of their songs have a futuristic vibe and others have a re-inspired 60’s, 70’s groove to them.

I’ve been bumpin their latest release, Zenith (Value Pack 7), non stop all week. Shoot, I went out and bought new headphones so I could hear the details in the music better and more clearly. I have more than one favorite on this project. Nothing New is a chill song that I just love grooving too. Check it out below and visit their site,,  to download Zenith for free.

Another favorite of mine from previous work of theirs is Feels Good. I feel good every time I hear this song. Pay attention to the lyrics (in this song and all their others), they talk about real things and throughout songs, will drop little nuggets of wisdom you probably heard your mom, dad, great aunt, or granpa share with you. If you are not paying attention, you will miss them. I love it.


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