Craft Wars… You Down?

Who watched the season premiere of TLC’s newest show, Craft Wars, Tuesday night? I only was half looking at it because I was multi-tasking too much: writing for here and EXUDE Magazine, listening to Fly Union’s latest mixtape and crafting. I will have to watch the re-run in more detail.

The play house challenge was too cute. I loved the inside of the school bus one. How clever to have one of the walls in chalkboard paint so the kids could write and draw on it. I would have loved that ish as a kid. I liked the outside of the one that had pencils and stuff on it. I do think the school theme was “safe” though. I would have tried to make mine a magical castle, a Candy Land type house or like a space ship or something instead. Something more fun that kid could have the ultimate amount of fun using their imagination with. But maybe it had to be a school theme, remember I was only half watching. Lol. Did any of you watch? What were your thoughts? What kind of play house would you have created?

Check out the show if you haven’t already. It comes on every Tuesday night at 10p on TLC.


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