Style Fyle // Stripes and Brights

Top: Thrifted / Skirt: Thrifted / Belt: Thrifted / (both) Necklaces: Secret of Treasures (an accessories shop in NYC: 488 7th Ave, NY, NY)

This skirt is one of my favorite thrift finds of all times in my collection. I wasn’t even going to get it but my friend convinced me to and I’m glad that she did! It was a windy day when I wore it and I kept wondering how I would react if a huge gust were to blow my skirt up and expose my lower half to all of New York. Being that this is NY, I doubt anyone would have flinched or stopped in their tracks, but still. Luckily that didn’t happen.

I love seed bead necklaces and have become obsessed. I am slowly building an impressive collection of them. Everybody’s got their poison, accessories are for sure one of mine.

My shoes were nothing to write home about, just some peep toe, low wedges. Heels and my daily commute fought too much so I don’t really wear high heels to work. 😦 I save them for the weekends. Jacket is from H&M (last year) and is one of my favorite. It’s a dusty pink so it ends up being very neutral and I can pair it with just about anything.


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