The Sound of Music // Scissor Sisters

I stumbled on this UK based band, Scissor Sisters, via Amazon’s music suggestions for me and have now become an appreciator of their work. I like their sound, it transports me to the 80’s sometimes (and then other times it takes me to the 70’s Bee Gees style). I have love for the 80’s because I was born then and because even though the outfits and hair may have been outrageous and bodacious, they were fun. It was all about big hair, loud colors, shoulder pads, electronic music with racy lyrics and dancing til your legs fell off. The 80’s were so fun. So Scissor Sisters’ sound reminds me of that fun and wildness with the “raciness” that Prince and Vanity 6 brought to us back then. I really like the song Whole New Way from their Night Work album they released in 2010. Have a listen to it below


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