Style Fyle // Sunday Funday

Dress: Target / Necklace: Secret of Treasures / Belt: Thrifted / Earrings: large silver hoops for $1 from a bead shop

I had a lot of fun this past Sunday. I spent the day in Harlem and went to the Mafrika Music Festival at Marcus Garvey Park with my friends Yaa and Ten. We had a chill time relaxing, catching up and wishing for actual African music to be performed at the festival. Maybe I’ll give my review on the festival in another post. Lol… Anyways, it was a beautiful day and the humidity was low, so I wore this summer dress I got recently and some flat sandals. It was hot and sooo sunny so I snapped these two pics and went on about my way so in my haste, my feet are chopped off. The sandals I wore are the same ones I wore last Friday.

I love this necklace. If you follow me on Instagram (Creatividual), then you know that it was one of my most recent acquisitions. I got it from this jewelry shop on 7th Ave (between 36th and 37th St maybe?) in Manhattan called Secret of Treasures. They have such cute stuff and all the bracelets, earrings and necklaces are $2.99. I love cheap chic.

Hope you all had great weekends! Wishing you all a great week.


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