Now You’re Cookin // Easy Vinaigrette Recipe for Salads

These days, I find myself more attracted to food “made from scratch” as opposed to the convenience (which is usually less healthier for you) of buying something pre-packaged and/or prepared on the grocery store shelves. I decided to start eating fresher, starting with my salads by cutting my own lettuce for salads (bye bye bagged salads!) and making my own dressings. This recipe is for a basic vinaigrette and is very inexpensive, easy and quick to make.


  1. Grapeseed Oil (Other options: olive oil, EVOO, safflower oil, sunflower oil)
  2. Red Wine Vinegar
  3. Sea Salt (optional)
  4. Pepper (optional)

I make my vinaigrette case by case, meaning I only make it when I’m going to eat a salad. So when I make mine, first drizzle the grapeseed oil on the salad and mix it through lettuce for even distribution, then drizzle on the red wine vinegar and mix it through for even distribution and lastly (optional as you may already like it without salt and pepper) add salt and pepper to taste. That’s it. You can make a larger portion and store it in the fridge for later use, you’ll just have to play around with the proportions till you get the desired taste and after one to two weeks in the fridge, it’s best to throw it out and make another batch. Remember, eating fresher also means things spoil faster.

Of course there are more flavorful recipes but this is a basic one to get you started in making your own salad dressings if you are new to it. If you are more advanced in cooking and blending flavors, have fun with this. You can add shallots, lemon juice, minced garlic, difference spices, etc. Vinaigrettes make great marinades for meats so get into it! I will be trying various dressing recipes and sharing them on here as I try them. I’m totally hooked on making my own salads, dressings and vinaigrettes now. So much fresher, you can totally taste the difference.

Stay healthy and creative.


2 thoughts on “Now You’re Cookin // Easy Vinaigrette Recipe for Salads

  1. Try it with a little garlic salt added to your dressing. That was a standard in my mother’s home. She made dressing like this all the time. It is less expensive too. Thanks for reminding me of my mom’s dressing. You made me hungry for it again.

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