Theatre // Max Maven Thinking in Person

While I don’t claim to be a theatre conniseur, that doesn’t stop me from enjoying it any less. Last week my friend, Sheena LaShay, offered me (and a friend) the opportunity to preview the Max Maven production that she’s been stage managing. I hadn’t been to see any shows in a while so it was fun to get out and see some magic, figuratively and literally.

Max Maven Thinking in Person is a truly unique experience. It’s a magic show and a little more than that; mysticism, metaphysics and philosophy. I don’t want to give away anything because it’s totally worth going out to see. These aren’t your typical magic acts that Max Maven is performing. Many times throughout the show, I was in awe as he read total strangers’ minds. This stuff couldn’t be rigged; even Sheena, that stage manager of this production, hasn’t figured out “how” he does these amazing things during the show. So if you like magic with a bit of improve, humor, witty quotes from great philosophers and writers and a little of the unknown you will definitely enjoy the show. Even if you’re not a magic fan or are a skeptic, this show will leave your mind blown as you try to figure out “how he did that”.

The show opened last Thursday, June 14 and will continue until July 1st.


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