Inspiration // Party by Beyonce

Hey! How have you all been? I spent a long weekend out of town for my cousin’s wedding that I was also a bridesmaid in. It was so much fun, the wedding was set in a beautiful conservatory garden and I reveled in every minute spent with my family. I did all the makeup for the wedding, it was 7 people including myself. It was hectic but everything came together beautifully and we stayed on schedule. I didn’t really take any pictures since I was running around every which way. I’m so happy for my cousin; she got a great guy. Me next! Lol. It was a whirlwind but now that I am back in town, it’s back to enjoying summer in NYC and sharing cool, creative and inspirational things with you all. 😀

Today I was inspired by the music video for Beyonce’s song, Party, it’s so visually fun. It’s filled with lots of bright colors, bold and vibrant makeup and fun style clothing and clothing combinations. There’s so much to draw inspiration from and so many of these looks can be recreated or inspire a new and different look for you. Like that tank B sports in the beginning of the vid, you can easily make a cute tank out of an old t-shirt that has some cool graphics on it

I love this makeup look and it’s pretty easy to recreate. (Let me know if anyone would be interested in a brief tutorial.) It’s bold, but great for making a statement for a night out sipping and shimmying with the girls.

And of course, who doesn’t love Solange’s long box braids (and American flag, denim shorts) in the vid. This is a great summer hairstyle and gives you a break from styling your hair everyday. If you have the time and patience, you can do them yourself and for her shorts, you can easily create those yourself.

What inspiration do you draw, if any, from the video?


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