Mary Mary Says Go Get It

I love Mary Mary! I have followed their career since the very beginning with their debut single Shackles (Praise You). I love their modern contemporary approach to praising God and how they allow all kinds of different types of music to inspire how they share their messages and sounds with the world. Their latest single, Go Get It, sums up how I try to live my life everyday. The message behind this song is that we all have great things created for us and have been blessed with all the tools we need to get them but we gotta be go getters.

No matter what religion you do or don’t practice, we all can relate to what this song is saying. Be bold about what you want and claim it! You won’t get that better job unless you update your resume and apply to jobs for interviews, you won’t find your future spouse staying cooped up in the house on your couch 24/7 and you won’t become a Grammy Award winning singer if you only sing in the shower. Get out there and get your blessings because they were created for you! All you have to do is “go get it”. What we want for ourselves God/Allah/the Universe/etc wants for us even more. 😀

Stay inspired.


One thought on “Mary Mary Says Go Get It

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