Cool Webisodes // Afro City

Happy Friday! Normally on Friday’s I like to veg out from a busy and productive work week in front of the tv or computer to watch webisodes. One of my favorite webisodes is Afro City. I like it because it’s cool to see a show with women that look like me, that have big, afro textured hair like mine and are fabulous just like me! The acting and plot development needs work (hey, I’m patient on that front. Even the universe and galaxies and such weren’t created in a day.) but I love watching it for the awesome hair all the main characters have and cute accessories that they wear; it’s like the natural hair version of Sex and the City. So excited for my afro to be as large as all of theirs are!

On the creative, opinionated viewer tip, it’d be cool if they mixed it up and had the characters rock different hairstyles from time to time, I feel like all they wear is the fro. #imjustsayin

Have a great weekend guys. I’ll be on the go all weekend as usual. 😀


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