Cool Cruising // Cruiser Bicycles

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. I had a blast hanging out with my family that came to visit me from out of town. I will have another post on what we did during the weekend.

Whilst hanging out in Brooklyn this past weekend, I was inspired to do this post about Cruisers. I’ve seen quite a few Brooklynites pedaling the pavement in them. Rather it was “cool” or not, I have always loved bicycling. I’m excited about the resurgence of people riding bikes again and getting creative with it! I have a Shwinn hybrid bike somewhere in my parents garage but I really want one of these cruiser bikes to do just that, cruise around. They are so cute, come in some great colors and I so want to put a basket on (the back of) mine! I’m envisioning it now: me on my cruiser  with a cute basket on the back of my bike, pedaling around in my red and white gingham dress, grey chucks, aviator shades in Prospect Park. #boss

Besides these bikes looking great, bicycling is great exercise and lowers your carbon footprint.

Cruise on.


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