I’m About that Thrifty Life

(Took this pic with my iPhone. Not too shabby!)

Being thrifty is more than just buying clothes from thrift stores, it’s a lifestyle of making the most of whatever amount of money you make: buying less but buying quality. I recently checked out Thrifty: Living the Frugal Life with Style by Marjorie Harris from the library and though basic information on living thrifty (expert thifty goddess’ won’t learn anything new here probably), I absolutely love it. It’s a good introduction to frugal living for those new to the concept and is a good gateway to inspiring further research about this lifestyle. I also like that this book was great at expressing the need to invest in a professional in different situations if you don’t know what you’re doing or doing it yourself if you’re comfortable doing so. Remember, when you are thrifty, you never sacrafice QUALITY. I learned some cool things from the book especially in the food chapter. i will definitely be buying a copy of my own to add to my personal library.

I have always had the belief that being frugal/thrifty and cheap are in different categories. I think living frugally leads to a highly enriched life and more purposeful living, not the preconceived notion of living in “lack”. Frugality is about living in abundance and “fabulosity” on ANY salary and this book satisfies that outlook.


One thought on “I’m About that Thrifty Life

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