Inspiration // South Pacific

The 1958, movie musical of South Pacific is one of my favorites. While the story was set during WWII on an island in the south Pacific, which was a serious topic, and talked about the racism and prejudice of the time, you couldn’t help but get wrapped up in the island. I loved the beautiful beaches, sunrises and sets and tropical scenery throughout the whole movie. Bali Ha’i, looked like a magical and mystical island and you watched eagerly as Lt. Joe Cable from Philly ventured there and met the Asian beauty, Liat. Female lead chararacter, Nurse Nellie, played by Mitzi Gaynor was STUNNING and made me want to go off on an island and fall for a sexy Frenchmen.

I’m such a sap for how men and women dressed in the 30’s and 40’s with so much class, simplicity and panache so I loved all the clothing worn and the men’s crisp uniforms (Lt. Joe Cable, played by Jon Kerr, was hot!). And of course the music composed throughout the movie was beyond fantastic, Rogers & Hammerstein blew this one out of the park.

This is Mitzi Gaynor as Nurse Nellie singing “Wash That Man Right Out of my Hair” in the movie:

{Video from 123boink}


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