Inspiration // Album Covers

Going clockwise starting at the bottom left:  The ArchAndroid – Janelle Monae / Man On The Moon: The End Of Day – Kid Cudi / They Say I’m Different – Betty Davis / Lunar Sunlight – Nikko Gray & Def Sound / Kelis Was Here – Kelis

I love music and have a song for almost every experience/time period in my life to help me reminisce about them. I’ve always been drawn to album cover artwork and if it’s a new artist I’ve never heard of, sometimes the artwork entices me to give them a listen. I like covers that have graphic/fantasy effects and geometric shapes incorporated in them, really anything different. I have a huge imagination and like when a cover takes me to different places and universes.

What album art covers inspire you? What kind of elements draw you to an album cover? Do they help inspire any of your projects?


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