Hairstyles // Head Wrap

Rather I’m having a good hair day or bad hair day, I love head wraps. I think they are fun, ultra chic and look great worn casual or dressy. They are perfect for bad hair days, especially when you have to run out of the house to run a quick errand and don’t want to fuss with your hair. Head wraps are also great for protecting your hair from the hot, drying sun in warm/hot, sunny climates.

Youtube beauty vlogger, Destiny Godley has a great tutorial on how to create some beautiful head wrap styles. I have tried almost all of them with smaller size scarves but plan to get a piece of fabric the size she suggests (57″ x 57″) in her video. I think I’m going to rock head wraps a little harder this summer, in some bright colors like watermelon, lime, banana and turqouise. Some tribal prints would be fun too. Stay tuned.


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