See & Create // Lanvin Embellished Tote

Starting a fun new series because I want to hear some of your creative ideas; I know you’ve got some. See & Create posts will be a way for us to interact and share ideas and inspiration. I’ll post something I deem cool and craft worthy and just by looking at it, we will have fun figuring out how some of us would make it. I’ll share my ideas and I want to hear from you all in the comments how you would make yours. There’s no right or wrong way and you don’t have to replicate exactly what the craft may be; just how you feel you would make it your own.

For today’s See & Create item, I’ve posted the Lanvin Flowered Denim Tote that I really like but I want one similar to this but with my own twist on it. How I would create it? I’d get a plain, medium size, canvas tote, some jute or leather cord and use colored tissue paper to embellish mine. I’d create flowers of various sizes out of the tissue paper and then hand sew (you could glue them on too if you like. I think it would last longer if you hand sewed them on though.) each flower onto the tote. This craft shouldn’t cost me more than $15 to make while the Lanvin was priced around $1500 Nieman Marcus and will be authentic to me so no one else will have it. I’ll come back when I’ve made it for a Show & Tell post.

Now how would you create something like this? I want you to get creative and remember, use whatever media you think would make a cool bag inspired by this. Shoot, you could use fake flowers, fabric flower cut outs or create flowers out of ribbon on your bag or use fabric paint to paint the flowers on, etc. You could use ribbon like the tote does and have it spell something else out instead of Lanvin (I’d recommend that). Have fun with it, I want to see your originality shine through.  


One thought on “See & Create // Lanvin Embellished Tote

  1. Hmmm… I think I would find a crochet tote pattern (since I’ve been dying to make one!) and use a mix of crochet, ribbon and fabric for the flowers. I would also buy some silver/metallic handles and my tote would be black.

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