New Feature // Accessorize, Accessorize!

If you know a little about me then you know I’m married to accessories; we have a magical relationship. I love how they can create so many different looks and effects on a blank canvas of an outfit. It’s the reason why most of my clothing is made up of solid colors because I use my accessories to create whatever look I have in my mind. On my natural hair blog, I used to feature various accessories designers that I thought were dope and that the world should know about. I know we like Forever 21 jewelry prices but every other person is going to have that stuff. Sometimes, you want what not everyone else has immediate access to. I want to highlight accessories that are handmade, unique, original and esoteric. Ya dig? After all, the heart of this space is about originality and creativity. I’ll step off my creative podium now. Lol.

In any event, if you are an awesome accessories designer, please email me if you are interested in being featured. I’m excited to bring this feature over here. I have my first designer lined up for the first feature and you are sure to love her stuff.

Stay tuned!


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